Helping green companies
scale today.

GreenFunder provides growth capital to emerging companies that produce carbon credits in exchange for the commitment of their future carbon credits and other offsets. We are committed to the transition towards a net-zero future by providing structured capital for growth based through enabling companies to realize their future energy savings today.

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Our Mission

To provide targeted funding and strategic support that empowers innovation while delivering value to our investors.

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Invest In Future Energy Growth Today

Our vision is to be the leading driver of the expansion of renewable energy opportunities through structured finance innovation.

Leveraging our extensive experience with capital allocators and asset managers, we aim to access the market effectively and deliver competitive returns to our partners while enabling a sustainable future through investments in future energy offsets.

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Achieving Your Climate Goals

Are you looking to invest in high-quality carbon removal credits with co-benefits in water quality, ecosystem health, and local community well-being?

We leverage innovative projects to create credible carbon credits. Through our work, we provide your company with the opportunity to meet its climate goals while supporting sustainable development.

  • Broad co-benefits
  • Additional removal
  • 3rd-party certified
  • Ability to scale
  • Transparent process
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Fuel Your Future Growth

We are always looking to partner with new, emerging companies that are producing carbon credits.

Together we can acquire new customers, develop innovative technologies, or pursue other growth opportunities that will result in generating proportional future verified carbon credits.

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